What Makes Us Different


  • You may come as you are.  Now.

When an addict finally humbles himself and becomes willing to seek help, the last thing he needs is a waiting list. This is a time of a crucial breaking point. A watershed moment. Other programs will first concern themselves with endless screenings, tests, not the least of which is insurance coverage, and financial guarantees. At Christ Alone Ministries, we recognize the immediate urgent need to embrace the suffering addict as Jesus did by His example. Now, not later. Willingness is the  single most important entry requirment. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • A sense of belonging. A new family

We are all born with two basic needs, to belong and to be loved. At Christ Alone Ministries no one is a “patient.” Most addicts suffer both a lack of belonging and feeling loved upon. Here you join a family of recovery with the love of Jesus Christ as the head of the organization. We live, learn and work together in a new family environment most have never experienced. Other programs typically induct “clients and patients” which implies a clinical or psychiatric approach instead of confronting spiritual bondage that can be broken. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • No one is refused on basis of money

Few suffering addicts we have ever met have thousands of dollars saved up for a treatment program. Seldom do they have insurance policies in place, either. Jesus Christ never required money for His ministry to the lost and lowly. Christ Alone Ministries is a registered non profit 501(c)3 organization on the State of Florida whose sole purpose is “Recovery from addiction through faith in God.” Yes, it does cost substantial money to fund our startup costs, ongoing operations and care. Those who are able and have the means do pay, but no one is turned away on the basis of lack of money. We also depend largely on donations from our community, churches, private individuals and team work efforts to make this all possible. Other programs amount to “Corporations for Profit” in which case no if money, means no services or help. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • Live in residential center – 12 months

Christ Alone Ministries is not a (28) day “spin dry” program. We believe that addiction is like a two headed dragon. If the first head is slayed (cutting off the addiction), the second head (self destructive causes) still remains to be dealt with. While Christian Faith based discipleship takes willingness, time, patience and determined effort, the results are life changing, real and long lasting. Christ Alone Ministries is here for those individuals who have reached a point of “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Those willing to surrender a whole year out of their life, just in the hope of a new  one. One year of submission to break free from all those many years of desparation. A new life given through the transformative healing power of Jesus Christ. This is why Christ Alone Ministries is a (1) year program. Not a short term “catch and release” program based on insurance underwriters calling the shots. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • School of Christ

At Christ Alone Ministries, daily life is a combination of living, working, worshiping and schooling together. The School of Christ is an ongoing (300) hour ciriculum that is completely non denominational and entirely based on Scripture Alone. The School of Christ is much like going back in time and living through the stories, experiences, teachings and Gospel. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

The (12) step program has helped untold thousands over the years as a working road map to recovery. These Twelve Steps always were originally based on Biblical scripture and precepts. In the ensuing years that have followed, these traditional programs have evolved into a more and more secular format, sadly drifting away from its author, God. As a result, the current Twelve Steps programs have gained a reputation that stands apart from Jesus Christ which is regarded as “offensive.” At Christ Alone Ministries, we have rewritten these same (12) Steps to point directly and specifically at J.esus Christ. Our Twelve Step program is a central feature used within our program whereby one addict helps another. We share our Experience, Strength and Hope with one another. Other recovery  facilities either do not use the (12) steps at all, or may allow their use, but only in a secular (non Jesus) way. Christ Alone Ministries puts Jesus Christ front and center with a proven sequential road map to recovery and healing of one’s life. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • “F.I.T.” for Life practical skills ciricullum

F.I.T. IS A (100) hour ciriculum borrowed from the Florida Department of Corrections authored and published by Donald L. Pratt, Ph.D of Family Integrity Training, Inc. in Bradenton, FL. This is a comprehensive transition lesson plan which has been reviewed and approved  by the Department of Corrections. It deals with practical life skills and preparation for a new, independent life ahead. Lesson topics include:

  1. Godly Parenting
  2. Personal Integrity
  3. Decision making
  4. Anger Management
  5. Relationships
  6. Personal Economics

Christ Alone Ministries believes in a balanced and practical life skills approach to recovery from addiction. This F.I.T. Program is another key central component to our overall program. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.


  • Hands on vo-tech work.

Daily life in Christ Alone Ministries includes steadily building work ethics and useful work skills. We incorporate about (4) hours daily for rotating work details. Some of these activities include wood crafting of Christian products, urban farming, animal farming, honey bee farming, canning, food service, volunteer service for churches, charities and animal shelter. Other recovery programs either go to the extremes of no work training at all (clinical, medical style approach), or excessive all day work, which under emphasizes the need for their actual recovery through schooling and healing. Christ Alone Ministries believes in a balanced approach of working and learning with priority emphasis on “Recovery from addiction through Faith in God.” This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • Street readiness training

The whole point of any recovery program is to go back to our loved ones, jobs, churches and a meaningful role in society. We need to learn to establish new healthy people, places and things. To this end, Christ Alone Ministries concentrates the last (2) months on these transition aspects of recovery. Many other recovery programs only concern themselves with their narrow program completion and then good luck. This lack of “street readiness training” is a major downfall of the current system. Most will return right back to live in the very settings that undermine their efforts to be free.  Christ Alone Ministries believes that personal counseling and tangible transition help is the very end goal of our program. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

  • 12 month graduation with a helping hand

Graduation is an event of celebration for all of us and our families. At Christ Alone Ministries, we lift up this event with a “resolution” plaque. This is because this disciple would have had to pass:

  1. The School of Christ
  2. All Twelve Steps
  3. F.I.T. For Life program
  4. Work Program ethic
  5. Final personal counseling readiness

Many other programs just walk you out the front door. Other programs just abrubtly say goodbye when your insurance runs out. There are some “free” programs that will keep you way beyond your time, working for them as labor, whereby you are never deemed “ready” and there is no plan for your release. An addict only comes to any recovery program to be healed and made free. Not to be released prematurely (14 – 28 day spin dry), or kept in yet further bondage. Christ Alone Ministries networks with outside sources, contacts, housing, various agencies, half way houses, churches and employers. We also make every effort to stay in touch afterward and remain as a continuing resource for them. We strongly encourage our alumni to return to us as speakers of hope and change to both our men and their living communities. This aspect of our ministry makes us different.

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