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Our program is a (12) month residential Faith based Discipleship program. The first (10) months are focused on individual recovery. The last (2) months are geared for transition; preparing with new living skills for faith, family, jobs and society.

The goal is to help them get better, and then return this renewed person back into society in one year.

While Faith based principles and Scripture are taught first and foremost, there is also provided a Christian 12 Step program, and a practical life skills curriculum, along with physical, mental and social disciplines.

Our work release plan is 4 hours daily to help prepare for future jobs enrollment and proper work ethics.

Outside Pastors and various speakers representing different facets of society are encouraged, and add to the transparency of our non-profit organization.

“By supporting Christ Alone, you support the very rescue mission of broken souls as commanded by Jesus Christ Himself”

Matthew 25: 40

“Recovery from addiction through Faith in God”

Christ Alone Ministries addiction recovery program is a one year residential Faith based Discipleship program.

While Christian Faith based Discipleship takes willingness, time, patience and determined effort, the results are life changing, real and long lasting.

The (7) main treatment strategies of Christ Alone are:

  1. To be Born Again and Discipled in Jesus Christ.
  2. Taught Scripture in a school setting and personal counseling
  3. Work release 4 hours a day: vocational work programs, civic volunteering and church work crews for our supporters.
  4. “Nature theme” of overall living and learning environment
  5. Therapeutic “F.I.T.” (Family Integrity Training). This is a State of FL prison system approved Integrity Curriculum – extensive.
  6. Christian Twelve Step Program
  7. Outside speakers – Pastors, social workers, law enforcement, medical field and more.

A typical daily schedule:

6:00 am Dorms Wake Up
6 – 8:00 make own breakfast, bed, clean dorm
8 – 10:00 Morning Class – Devotional
10 – 10:30 Prayer and break time
10:30 – 4:00 Daily work activity with lunch included
4:00 – 5:00 pm Study and break time<
5:00 – 6 Dinner family style in fellowship hall
6:30 – 9:00 Evening Class – Devotional
9:00 – 10 Personal time
10 pm Dorms Lights Out

WORSHIP SERVICES: Every Thursday @ 7pm & Every Sunday @ 3pm…….Dinner / Fellowship

**Residents may be transported to traditional Sunday morning services of other participating Churches.

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