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Christ Alone Ministries, Inc.

Robert Kuhblank (right) is the Founding Director of Ministry (F.D.M.) and
Joe Lindsay (left) is the Minister of Finance and Operations (M.F.O.).

What makes our team different? – Both Robert and Joe each have Christian Minister’s degrees and a devoted heart for the suffering addict. Both have extensive business backgrounds for many years managing sales, ownership, operations and employees, each in different businesses respectively.

drug rehab facility crestview flRobert received his calling from God in January 2011 at which time left his career, disposed of his transport business in order to pursue the Lord full time. Then founded Christ Alone Ministries, Inc on July 1, 2012 as a registered and incorporated Florida non profit 501(c)3 organization for the sole purpose of “Recovery from addiction through Faith in God.”

Years earlier, after being delivered from 14 years of drug addiction, Robert became clean and sober in March of 1989. Those 14 “lost years” plus 7 more years of Twelve Step recovery meetings have amounted to (21) years of “addiction reality” in Robert’s life.

Then in January 2012: “I thought dealing with drug addiction was long gone and buried in my past. But God had other plans. After unexpectedly led through the front doors of a recovery meeting – there I realized were all my brethren right there in front of me. Over 50 of them. It was like hearing a clear, firm voice saying “I am sending you right back down to the mat. This is what I delivered you for.” I knew right then and there my life had just taken an entirely new (but old) direction.”
Shortly after founding Christ Alone Ministries, the Lord brought Robert and Joe Lindsay together as ministry partners. Says Robert, “Joe is the most righteous man I have ever known. Solid in the Word and obedient to the Holy Spirit. He is a rock. I am proud and humbled that the Lord has shared him with me as my partner.”

When Robert first explained to Joe that he felt prayerfully led to ask him in as his ministry partner for Christ Alone, the answer was surprising. “When Rob first asked me, I really didn’t want to do it and struggled with the idea. But the Holy Spirit urged me to go forward….and I did.”

With Joe’s extensive business background, his gift for numbers, and his financial wisdom, it was a natural fit for Joe to become a Corporate Officer as our Minister of Finance and Operations. Joe is extremely committed to financial openness and transparency. Joe believes there are no secrets from the Lord, and there shouldn’t be secrets in our ministry. Under his leadership, Christ Alone Ministries is publicly pledged to full disclosure and transparency.

To those who know Joe, he is known as a couple different things. One is “A man in motion.” Just try to slow Joe down and you will see for yourself.
Joe is extremely effective in getting to the bottom line and getting things done. This is why his title and capacity include Operations.

Another way Joe is known is “The living Wikipedia of the Word.” Joe has just been gifted from the Lord in this way. No other way to explain it. He is full of scripture with understanding. which he can recount for almost any situation. Its amazing to listen to him flow.

Although not a former addict himself, his heart has been called there anyways by God. Says Joe: “It’s all about souls. That is the prize. Satan over on one side, Jesus up on the other.”

Both Joe and Robert are teachers in hermeneutics (how to read and understand your Bible), Gospel, Old Testament accounts, Pauline revelation and Eschatology (study of things final). But make no mistake, both serve under His blood to help bring others to Jesus Christ.


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