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We turn down no souls on the basis of lack of money. Your donation is completely tax deductible.
CHRIST ALONE MINISTRIES is a non-profit ministry to serve Jesus Christ as a Christian drug, alcohol and addiction treatment rehab in AL / FL. We are a one year residential treatment program which centers on recovery from addiction through faith in God. Unlike medical rehabilitation centers, we believe addiction is a spiritual disease and recovery and freedom from addiction is a faith in Christ Alone. We balance our residential treatment center with Bible classes taught first and foremost, along with vo-tech rehabilitation skills. We strongly believe that this commitment to recovery should not be borne on the backs of the men. This is why if you or your loved one is ready to "surrender to win" then CHRIST ALONE is the center for you. We are not here to make corporate profit, this is a purely Christian rehab for your recovery and to bring Glory to Jesus Christ by His transformative power. We are looking for the ones who are willing to surrender a year of their life in the hope of a new, better one. Christ Alone is an independent faith based Christian non profit organization to serve the addiction of drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling as a most unique residential treatment center. Please contact us or donate so we may serve Him.